Japan Neutron Optics Inc. (J-NOP)
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J-NOP (Japan Neutron Optics) is a venture company established by a scientist of RIKEN. We offer products and consultants based on the state-of-the-art technologies of neutron experiments such as neutron beam focusing lenses and mirrors as well as neutron detectors.

Company Profile

[Management Principle]
We offer a system that enables our customers to provide their technologies based on the high level applications of neutron optics independently from academic research facilities, that enables us to increase the level of the academic research, facilitate exploring new fields for the practical applications, and contribute to an expansion and growth of the knowledge and skills as a shared heritage of mankind as well as give back resultant economic applications to society.

EstablishedJuly 29th, 2005
Capital8 million Japanese Yen
HeadquartersGamagori-shi, Aichi, 443-0031, Japan
Representative Takeo OKUMURA